It has been quite some time since my last update.  I hope all are enjoying the beautiful colors our golf course is displaying this fall.  It seems to be an even amount of reds and yellows.  I would also like to take this time to welcome all our new members.  It is so good to see so many familiar faces and I know that in a very short while you will fall in love with this wonderful country club. 

Hopefully everyone has had the chance to see the The Big Red Beast in action.  Our new giant Sweeper Vac approved by the board last month is making short work of leaf removal this fall.  Fear not the Beast will not sweep, or suck up your ball so don’t worry if you hit into an area the machine is working.  With the forecast calling for colder nights look for my course update for any frost delays.  And again a big welcome to all our new members.

I fell in this hole on 12 while mowing this morning.  Please be sure fix your ball mark and one other.
Please be aware of these two members.  You may know them as Statler and Waldorf from the award winning Muppets Show. Better known as Pete Jantzi and George Vermilino, Don’t be fooled by their warm smile and calm demeanor these men are professional hecklers. Be warned.
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