As we continue to roll into the winter weather, things will begin to wind down. Dave and I will both be on campus at the club until October 31st. I will remain until November 15th, and all rules and regulations still remain in place until then. Additionally, for all those who have club and push cart storage, please remove your belongings by October 31st. Finally, onto the weekly outlook.

Tuesday Oct. 13th – Open golf all day. (Go Bills!!)

Wednesday Oct. 14th – Open golf all day.

Thursday Oct. 15th – Open golf all day. High school match beginning at 3pm. The first tee will be briefly closed at that time.

Friday Oct. 16th – Open golf all day.

Saturday Oct. 17th – Open golf all day.

Sunday Oct. 18th – Open golf all day.

Monday Oct. 19th – Open golf beginning at Noon. (Go Bills! Again!)

Tuesday Oct. 20th – Open golf all day.

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