It has been 7 days since we aerified the front 9 greens, and 6 days since we aerified the back.  I couldn’t be more pleased on how well they are healing in and very proud of our crew for aerifying 3 acres in two days time.  Well done lads.  The sand has worked its way into the holes and the greens and we are back to mowing and rolling daily.  Today we took advantage of the course being closed for half the day and Nick and Dylan led the crew in aerifying 2 acres of tees.  Cores pulled, cleaned up and blown off.  I will go through tomorrow and top-dress them.  Once top-dressing is complete they will be brushed and then fertilized and seeded.  Thank you all for your patience.  A big thank you to Jim Rautenstrauch, Tim Ziccardi and Mark Bolt for buying the crew pizza and wings.  Gentlemen you will always applause from the gallery when you pass the maintenance barn along 6.  Thanks again!

Nick brushing in sand on 15 green
Dylan, Dan and Evan finish the process by blowing in the sand.
Ciaccio bangs out 19 tee
The lads finish cleaning up 10 tee
Strong work lads.
A look at some Cheryl’s amazing flowers
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