Hello to all! This past week’s 57th Hooper Invitational was a fantastic event, although modified from its usual form. A huge Congratulations to Dave and Nick Lindstrom for conquering the field. A very nice victory indeed. Jim Stewart and Bill Gleason gave it their best effort, but fell just short on the 2nd playoff hole. Thank you to everyone who played and competed.

There are many events coming up, including the Mr & Mrs. Championship on August 1st, the Ladies Club Championship on August 8th and 9th, and the Men’s Club Championship on the same weekend and finally the Ladies Senior Club Championship on August 13th. Please sign up in the golf shop for any of these events. This week is definitely not as busy as the last couple, so onto the weekly outlook.

Tues 7/28 – Open golf all day. Couples league tees off between 4pm and 6pm. The first tee will not close during these times.

Wed. 7/29 – Open golf all day. Men’s senior league tees off between 9am and 10am. Ladies 9 hole league tees ff between 4pm and 6pm. The first tee will not close during these times.

Thurs. 7/30 – Open golf until 3:30pm. Ladies senior league tees off at 8:30am. Men’s 18 hole league tees off between 1:30 and 3:30pm. Men’s 9 hole shotgun league begins at 5:30pm, therefore the final time to tee off on the front 9 is 3:30pm.

Fri. 7/31 – Open Golf all day. Junior Camp begins at 5pm on the practice range.

Sat. 8/1 – Open golf until 1:30pm. Mr & Mrs. Championship is a 1:30 Modified Shotgun. Non-event groups must make the turn by 1:30. The back 9 will be open for regular play after 4pm.

Sun. 8/2 – Open golf all day

Mon. 8/3 – Open golf beginning at Noon

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