We have been blessed with some amazing weather these last two weeks. And mother nature has not disappointed by sending some much needed rain. It has been great to see so many of our members playing our beautiful golf course daily. It has been another couple of busy weeks for our incredible maintenance team. Assistant Superintendent Nick Ciaccio set out on a mission with the lads to clear the bank surrounding the irrigation pond and pumphouse. Then if that wasn’t enough they also cleared all the under brush on the upper ridge on 12, 13 and 16 allowing more light and air movement on these holes. Strong work lads. Second Assistant Dylan Coyne put his skills to the test again by safely dropping 10 trees this past week. We will continue to drop and trim up trees these next couple while we have the lift. Cheryl and Libby have finished planting and have started mulching in all the beds around the clubhouse. Many thanks ladies it looks beautiful. A special thanks to Dave Pestka for buying the crew breakfast and lunch. A reminder that drinking fountains are not in operation as per NYS Health Dept guidelines. The fountain at the Schictel is on only becuse we have no way of turning it off and should only be used to fill water bottles. With another hot one in the forecast for next week I encourage you to grab a couple bottles from the halfway house or make sure you fill a water bottle before your round.

13 ridge
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