Hello all. A couple quick reminders. The Men’s Cunningham Member / Member sign ups will be closing this Thursday evening. If you are thinking of signing up, please let myself or Dave know. Additionally, the Ladies Fleck Member / Member sign ups are now open. Please see myself or Dave to sign up with your partner. Next Tuesday the 30th Sean Lalley with Titleist will be back for another fitting day from Noon to 6pm. Come down to the range to hit the latest Titleist gear. Now onto the weekly outlook.

Tues 23rd – Open golf all day. Couples league in the evening from 4-6pm. The tee will not close.

Wed 24th – Open golf all day. Senior League from 9-10am, and the ladies 9 hole league from 4pm-6pm. The first tee will not close during these times.

Thurs 25th – Open golf until 3:30 pm. 9 hole Men’s League shotgun starts at 5:30pm.

Friday 26th – Open golf all day

Saturday and Sunday 27th & 28th – First tee till close at 8:00am. Men’s Cunningham Mem / Mem. Tee times begin at 8:00. The First tee will open after 12:30pm, both days, for the remainder of the day.

Mon 29th – Open golf beginning at Noon.

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