What a busy week this has been for the crew. To top it off we had a few hot days mixed in there to get all done. Nick had the lads get started on the second weed wacking go around off the golf course and the lads will have it finished by next week. The hot temperatures this past week pushed the system to it’s limits and gave us a few problems. Nick managed to replace a number of faulty valve decoders while I worked with Professional Irrigation Technology to fix the transfer pump starter box so we can pump water up from the Cattaraugus Creek. Greens held up well but you can see some signs of stress between bunkers and greens. These areas will recover. And with no rain in sight we will be throwing a lot of water through next week. This week also marked the dedication of the fountain on number 13 pond donated by Terry Buckley in honor of her husband Brian Buckley. Thank you so much for a wonderful gift to the club for all to enjoy Mrs. Buckley. A big thank you to James “Stewie” Stewart for bringing along his own bunker giving the maintenance crew a hand by raking out his tracks. Thanks Stewie.

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