What a busy week this has been for our crew. We continue to work diligently in trying to control mother natures growth spurt these past two weeks. We have lowered the height of cut and continue to have the rough mowers mowing six days a week. Green speeds have increased through, dbl cutting to eliminate seedhead and through the continued use of growth regulator. As cool temperatures roll in again we will spike greens for increased air exchange and to reduce compaction from rolling as well as light top-dressing to smooth the green surface. But enough about that. This past week after torrential rains Wednesday night, Nick mobilized the lads to fix wash outs in just about every bunker. No easy task when your shoveling heavy wet sand from the low end of the bunker to the high end. Strong work lads!. Cheryl Ambrose and her trusted assistant Libby Rehrauer continue to beautify our clubhouse with with their wonderful placement of flowers. A huge thank you to you both for your hard work. And lastly a big thank you to Bob Smith for again donating some beautiful apple trees to add to our on course orchard. Many thanks Bob.

We truly have one of the best of the best golf courses in WNY.
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