For those of you who haven’t been out to the club yet this week, Master Gardener Cheryl Ambrose has started planting the flowers. Over the course of the last two weeks she has been busy preparing beds and cleaning up around the clubhouse. Baskets are hung and in approximately a weeks time she will have all in the ground, and already the front of club looks great. A huge thank you to all the work you do, thanks Cheryl. I big thank you to Jerry Jenkins for his kind words and dedication to the club. We are already seeing the seed stalk from the poa and the bluegrass die back as well as the growth slowing down. The lads since Sunday have mowed the entire golf course once and have turned today to start all over again. Today we walk-mowed greens with groomers to thin out the seed head and get a little tighter cut than the tri-plex riding mower. On plan on walkmowing greens 2 to 3 times a week. Please keep in mind that carts are to be kept 30 feet from the greens a big thank you to those who are fixing your ball marks. Remember fix yours and one other.

Libby Rehraur gives Cheryl a hand planting

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