Greetings from the seedhead capital of the world. You may remember from my posts early in April that we managed to get our two applications of seedhead suppression out on greens. This timing is based on Cornell Recommends for poa seedhead suppression. Although we were spot on with our applications mother nature always rules. The pictures attached are close up shots of the flower you are now putting over the top of. So it will slow the role of the ball as well as make for a bumpy putt. I noticed it starting on greens last week and thus one of the reasons for my post on Saturday. So what do we do about that. First off it will take a week to ten days for the plant to go through this life cycle, secondly we take the height down to top off the seed head, and thirdly we cut the greens twice daily. Once in the morning and then, as we did today, in the afternoon. We have also taken a similar approach with the rough. Dropped the height and cut twice to three times weekly until we get through the seedhead. On another note take a look at the video attached as I have gone through adjusted and oiled up all ball lifts on flagstick. Thank you to all who have reached and I hope this helps. Look for future updates as we work our way through this.

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