Greetings from golf maintenance and I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend and some nice weather for a change. Mr. Rough, Pete Jantzi let me know that my hair is just about as long as the rough. You may have even noticed in your own lawns that you need to cut it twice a week. With our three rough mowers now cutting 6 days a week we have managed to get through twice and it’s still not enough. For those of you playing today you may have noticed Third year veteran Steve Bernard has already turned to the back nine. We go through this every spring once soil temperatures come up and everything starts growing. To add to the density of the turf the poa annua (Annual Buegrass) has started to flower (seed head) and this will take a week to ten days to cycle through and die back. We have also managed to get spray out for tanks of weed killer to bring dandelion and clover under control. Those 4 tanks covered 18 acres and thats a little less than one quarter of all our rough, so we’ve got some work ahead of us before the heat sets in. A big thanks again to Paul and Jack Hoffstetter for buying the crew lunch. Paul had made mention green speed by mid-week was off and I explained to him we started our soil treatment program for greens this week and they will tend to be a little sticky. Also as I previously mentioned the warmer weather has increased growth and we are due for our next growth regulator application on Tuesday morning. Thank you for your patience and thank you all who reached out to me with your concerns and accolades. Thanks and have a great holiday.

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