Since I have been asked numerous times and understandably so about the ability to purchase items for the course I just wanted to update everyone…

There are only 4 main types of licenses through the SLA in New York State…

  • on-premises licenses (e.g., bars, restaurants, taverns, hotels);
  • off-premises licenses (e.g., liquor stores, wine stores, grocery stores, convenience stores, drug stores);
  • manufacturing licenses (e.g., breweries, wineries, distilleries, cideries, meaderies); and
  • wholesale licenses (e.g., beer wholesalers, wine wholesalers, importers)

Golf Courses & Restaurants fall under “on premise” and are currently restricted to only selling items for “curbside take-out” for consumption off property, regardless that our “property” is 165 acres. There has been no change in this law, although an exemption has been asked for by the Club Managers Association and I am waiting to hear back on those results.

Directly from my SLA inquiry…

Thanks for your inquiry.  There is no conflict.  Executive Order 202.3, as continued by Executive Order 202.31 states in relevant part:

Any restaurant or bar in the state of New York shall cease serving patrons food or beverage on-premises effective at 8 pm on March 16, 2020, and until further notice shall only serve food or beverage for off-premises consumption. Notwithstanding any provision of the alcohol and beverage control law, a retail on-premises licensee shall be authorized for the duration of this Executive Order to sell alcohol for off-premises consumption, which shall include either take-out or delivery, subject to reasonable limitations set by the State Liquor Authority.

There can be no service or consumption of food or beverage at the licensed premises or any place over which you exercise care and control.  I hope this clarifies.

So in short, as of writing this it is unlawful for me to serve anything for on property consumption, anybody doing so risks losing their liquor license and a fine of $10,000. Not a risk I will take! And I do know several places have been reported.

As soon as I can legally serve anything I will, and will send out communication on the new processes that will be involved in doing so. As it will be anything but normal.

I Appreciate your time and understanding, I am doing what I can!


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