I hope all of you and your families are happy, healthy and safe as we make are way through this troubling time. As most of you are aware the NYS pause has been extended until May 28th. Earlier today SPVCC President Jim Chavanne mentioned in his letter to the membership the installation of the EZ Lyft system we installed on our flagsticks. For those that managed to get out and play today the response was all thumbs up. I’d like to thank BOD members Jeff Duerr for ordering up the system so we could have it by this weekends Founders Tourney and Sean Cannan for finding a system that will bring back the magic sound of the ball falling into the cup. Thank you gentlemen. The system is quite easy to use and Assistantt Super Nick Ciaccio did a short video with Jack Hoffstetter to demonstrate how it works. Thanks Lads. Very simply after your ball drops in the cup, take the end of your putter lift the hook, up comes your ball and rolls off onto the green. Many of you have been asking about when we can expect to open the restrooms. Unfortunately legally we can not, but we can use porta-johns. I have ordered two to be delivered on Monday of next week. I will stage one at the Schictel and one behind 9 green where the rental carts normally are staged. Also I will not be aerifying greens this spring but instead I will solid tine them with 1/4″ solid tines. This is a process I started last year with the purchase of our new TORO 648 Aerifier. As a golfer you will not even know that we have been on the green, because we send the roller directly behind the aerifyer. This process, in good weather, is performed every two weeks with a light top-dress. Please stay safe and enjoy your beautiful golf course.

Sorry Nick and Jack video wouldn’t upload. Bogey waiting patiently for the ball to rise to the ground floor again.
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