Hi everyone,  i hope you are all safe and doing great! I thought I would drop a quick note on latest status. As of writing this (things change daily it seems) we are unable by law to allow access to any buildings, facilities or provide food and beverage for on course consumption.  They painted everything with a broad brush which is very unfortunate! Rest assured as of this moment on course food and beverage and carts are not allowed by law. There are courses already pushing that envelope which is ridiculous and what led to an overall shutdown several weeks ago. I am not risking our liquor license for the sake of a few hundred bucks in beer can sales. The day it is permitted by law is the day we will offer, not a minute sooner! We will be having a special take out fish fry on May 8th that i will send out info on shortly. In the meantime stay safe, socially distanced and please take with you what you bring to the course!! We are not collecting your left behind water bottles etc. Info on Pop up fish fry to go coming next week!! Can’t wait to see everyone!

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