The week in review, and what a crazy week this has been all things considered. With temperatures ranging from almost 60 degrees to below freezing welcome to spring in Western New York. Nick and the lads managed to get through edging and weeding all bunkers when the snows of Easter 2020 arrived on Thursday. We witnessed everything from new buds on trees to a very close view of our predominant turf species Poa Annua. Our soil temperatures went from the upper 40s at the beginning of the week and plummeted by weeks end. More importantly with the announcement on Thursday of golf courses being closed throughout New York State any semblance of a season is weeks away. Rest assured me, Nick, Dylan, Matt, Bogey and Sawyer will have golf course in tip top shape when you all return. Until then please stay safe and a Happy Easter to you all

Nick Bows out 12 greenside bunker after edging.
Leave it to a good three inches of snow to keep the pollen count down.
A close up of a cluster of poa plants on 16 effected by some late winter snowmold. Greens were sprayed early in the week in anticipation of of our Easter Snow.
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