These are highly unusual times and I refuse to refer to these days as the new normal. I feel certain we will get to the other side of this crazy virus but it’s going to take time. We are fortunate to have the golf course open for those of you who can make it here. We continue to operate with just four people including myself to get things done around the golf course. I’m very proud of these youngmen for understanding the importance of the need for us to stay healthy and the challenges we have to maintain this property. The importance of this level of staffing is to minimize our exposure by keeping to just two of us traveling to and from home. We are practicing our social distancing and I’ve instructed the lads to smile and wave to you all and to make sure we keep good separation. Next week I will be installing signage around the golf course to remind you all of the importance of the CDC recommendations as well as some rules of our own to keep us all safe. I would like to thank Cyndi Zalikowski and clubhouse manager George Mintzer for getting these signs made. Please make sure to take your garbage with you and fix your ball marks plus one more. With the warm weather coming more and more of you will be taking advantage of this beautiful golf course that 100 years ago was a destination park in the region. Please be sure to keep separation and have fun.

Very proud of these men.
Nick makes his way through front 9 bunkers, edging and blowing out debris.
I managed to get this selfie off shortly before Pete Jantzi hit me over the head with his driver because I didn’t wave to him two days ago.
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