Yesterday as i stood on a 5 gallon bucket to look over into my granddaughters yard, i could see her playing in the driveway with my daughter and son-in-law. I called out to Hurricane Hazel to ask her if I could borrow three of her pool noodles. Naturally she asked what I needed them for. I proceeded to inform her of need to place them the bottom of the cup at Pappas golf course for the golfers. “Pappa what’s a golfer?” and so the questions kept coming. I told her a golfer is a rare breed of animal that migrates to warmer climates in the fall and flies back north in the spring to take up residence on golf courses every where. Hazel is three years old, when I finished with my long winded dissertation over the fence that she quickly grew board with she simply said, “Tell me another story Pappa. Your suggestions have been pouring in from Florida and around the country and your emails have not fallen on deaf ears. I installed Hazels pool noodles this morning. Please be safe and see you on the golf course soon.

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