Hi all! Firstly, Dave and I would like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has reached out over the winter time. Dave and I love hearing from everyone. Secondly, we want to give everyone an update on what is happening with us in the golf shop.

Unfortunately, Dave and I aren’t able to be at the club to work right now, due to the government mandate. We did, however, put all of the push carts outside, as well as the range balls on the range tee. Please be careful in using the push carts, and as Brian has said previously, please take any trash with you, as there will not be any garbage cans on premises. The range balls are currently pick your own, so again, please be safe.

Some good news is that Titleist is still running the 4 for 3 golf ball promotion for the springtime. Below I have attached the promotion flyer. If you are interested in ordering personalized golf balls for this upcoming season, please feel free to email Dave or myself, and we will make sure the order is placed immediately. Additionally, Titleist is offering to drop ship any ordered golf balls directly to your door, this way there is no need to pick them up at the golf shop.

We hope to see all of you soon! Please stay safe and enjoy the nice weather!undefined

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