Greetings from Springville Country Club I hope you are all healthy and staying safe. As the weather warms and we all get the urge to get out of doors, you all will headed to the golf course if you haven’t already. I wanted to reach out and let you know what we are doing in Golf Maintenance and what you can do when you are playing your golf course. For those of who taken advantage of some nicer days already you seen the changes. First off we have taken the cup and raised it an inch above the surface of the green. When your ball touches cup you have sunk you putt. No need touch pin or reach in the cup. We have removed all bunker rakes, ballwashers, garbage cans, divot bottles etc. to eliminate any handling of these golf course accessories. In addition the bathrooms will remain closed and drinking fountains will not be pressurized so bring water with you. Now, what you can do to help out is first an foremost please abide by all recommendations on personal distance and sanitation. Should you bring any beverages or food with you please take any bottles cans wrappers with you. When it comes to golf etiquette please fix your ball mark and one other. Make sure you replace your divot, and please don’t use the fairways like a driving range hitting multiple balls from one spot. Thank you and when this insidious virus has left us we will continue to have a beautiful golf course. A very special thank you to Paul and Jack Hoffstetter for bringing us lunch, and a shout out to those members in Florida who have reached out to me, stay safe and healthy.

Nick continues cleanup from tree work

Dylan puts the first cut on fairways
Matt blows off fairways behind Dylan
I continue to take pictures of our beautiful golf course because that’s what I do.
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