It has been a little over a month since my last confession, I mean update. We have experienced a fairly mild winter so far and I will be careful what I say so that we don’t go out like a lion. The mild weather has allowed us to get out of the shop and get working on removing some dead and dying trees on the golf course. Second Assistant Dylan Coyne has been busy climbing, trimming and dropping limbs and trees as me, Nick and Mat clear the branches. We have been busy in the shop on days it’s too cold or snowy to get on the golf course. This winter we replaced all the reels on the walk behind mowers we use for tees, collars and approaches. Originally eleven bladed we replaced them with eight bladed reels and our quality of cut will improve on these playing surfaces due to higher height of cut. The lads have stripped and repainted the deck furniture and tee markers. We have also managed to rearrange the shop by creating a separate room for all the reel and bedknife grinding which in turn has allowed greater space in which work on the equipment. Other than that all is well and we look forward to the warmer weather.

Sugar Maple behind 18 green

Branches from Sugar Maple and pines lined up along the road behind 18 ready for chipping.
One of Sugar Maples close to Practice Green
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