It looks like we are going to get another shot at a decent weekend. The lads have been busy with the tow behind and back pack blowers. Not far behind them is the sweeper. Looking at tomorrow’s forecast we will have a Frost Delay in the morning. For those of you who got out this afternoon you may have noticed that the front bunker on 14 looks like it was strafed with an A-10 Warthog. Some of our Turkey friends discovered white grubs in the sandy soil of the top of the bunker. You may have seen me out last week with the sprayrig spot treating in the rough and along fairways for white grubs. These critters move to the surface to feed on roots before they go deep to over winter. Next week I will be treating all green surrounds and continue spraying rough areas.

I would like to thank Cheryl Ambrose for the beautiful floral arrangements she put together for the closing dinner party. They are absolutely beautiful thank you Cheryl for all you do. Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the beautiful foliage before it’s gone.

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