A big shout out and thank you to Gloria Stone for her generous contribution towards our flower budget and some perennials this fall. Cheryl has placed just a few so far around 4 tee sign. Thanks Gloria. Many of you have been asking, and yes we started aerifying fairways today. I managed to bang out 13 and 14 this a.m. and we will jump back on them next week. Nick and Dan went back through bunkers and managed to get them edged and weeded again. You may have come across foam markers in the rough. Nick has been out spraying broadleaf weeds. 505 we are on it and yes I’m going cut back all the natural areas. I’ll be picking up a brush hog next week. We plan on cutting the areas behind the range, 9, behind 10 green. And of course we’ve had the sweeper and blowers going as we ease into fall.

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