It’s been a busy week so far and the fun isn’t over yet. We managed to reel in green speed by the Ryder Cup on Saturday and get the golf course cleaned up after an inch of rain before the lads tee-d it up. These on Tuesday and Wednesday after first jobs Assistant Superman Nick Ciaccio Second Assistant tree climbing Spyderman Dylan Coyne and Foreman SunTan Dan aeried, cleaned up, and Topdressed 2 acres of tees. Strong work lads. Look for us to be pulling cores starting Monday. With more seasonable temps next week we minimize the chance of over stressing the turf by opening it up. Cores will be dragged in and blown off and we will notify the pro-shop when have opened each hole we have completed. Look for signage at each tee we are working. Thanks for your patience and your kind words of praise and encouragement and enjoy this beautiful golf course.

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