Just another reminder that next Monday the 26th and Tuesday the 27th we will be aerifying greens. Monday we pull cores and topdress the front nine and Tuesday we will pull cores and topdress the back nine. Once each nine has been completed we will notify the pro-shop to open.

In other news Nick and Dylan climbed in the pond on 8 last week and cleaned up the aquatic vegetation. They managed to find an old barge in the barn to haul the weeds to shore. Once on shore Greg and Matt hauled it away. We also managed to have the lads go through and edge bunkers again as well. By now they have it down to a science, with Dan edging Nick blowing out and Dylan, Greg, and Matt raking behind them. A big shout out and thank you to Linda Priselac for buying the crew pizza and wings, it’s always great to see you out on the golf course Linda!.

Again another special thank you to Cheryl Ambrose for doing such a wonderful job with our flowers. Her flowers have brought hummingbirds and butterflies around the deck and the club.

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