It has been 25 days since my last confession, check that….Update. We’ve managed to get through some of the hottest days of summer. And as the days get shorter and nights cooler we will get another flush of growth headed into the fall. This past week I’ve put some of the lads on pond cleanup. They’ve managed to put a little dent in 13 and 1 but more will be needed. Second Assistant Dylan Coyne has been busy all over this beautiful golf course. He and new hire Matt Barry and second year veteran Alex Wall have been working in and around 12 tee to open the area up to more sunlight and air circulation. Strong work lads!!. This team also limbed up the grove to the left of the approach on 13 as well as the grove behind this green. Next we will have Dylan concentrate on the widow makers we have around the property.

Please mark August 26th and 27th on your calendars as we will be aerifying greens these two days.

Bogey sits and watches as i cut the cup on 13

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