For those of you who played yesterday and today you will have noticed lines throughout the surface of the front nine greens. This was caused by the plastic turf hold-downs on our aerifier as we used 1/4″ solid tines to ventilate the root zone. I stopped the process after the front nine and it was determined that the hold-downs were defective and the machine was picked up today by our Toro dealer. As we continue to cut and roll this bruising of the leaf blade will disappear within a few days. All greens were top-dressed and brushed in. Last Thursday we received 2″ of rain and still managed to get the golf course ready for our member member. The crew went through each bunker and fixed many wash outs as well as edging. With Saturday and Sunday turning out to be two of the best days we’ve seen on a weekend, our lads lucked out. A big thank you to Clubhouse Manager George Mintzer for adding a special touch to the front of the club with our new Springville logo flag. It looks great and I’m thinking that might look good on our greens. Today Nick and I went through and finished the first cement pour for the new tee signs. At the request of the board and many members I’ve talked to, we will place eighteen tee sign where the old one is located. I plan on setting the new granite tee signs tomorrow.
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