It was about three weeks ago I spoke with Pete Janzti about the height of the rough. I believe I said something to the effect that, we’re just about through monsoon season of 2019 and that we will have the rough under control soon. Pete responded with…” tell that guy mowing the step rough to take it all the way up and around the green”. Then earlier this week Pete and another member started firing range balls my office roof from 6 tee and yelling….”LIAR!…C’MON OUT COYNE SHOW YOUR FACE!”

The point is, thank you all for being patient as we bring this rough under control. I assure you Nick and I have discussed it with those crew members we have trained on mowing rough as well jumping in ourselves to stay ahead of it. I have had discussions with many of you, received texts, answered emails, and received messages by carrier pigeon. Thank you for your patience understanding and compliments on the work this wonderful crew has managed to accomplis. That being said Nick managed to get through the front nine again as we sent seasoned vet Davey Michner and Will Cochran to brush hog the back 9. The lads didn’t get 14 bailed but we will hit it again tomorrow.

On another note, flowers were delivered yesterday and Cheryl and the rest of the crew got started planting. Baskets and pots were set yesterday and if all goes well we will plant the remaining flats tomorrow.

Pete, thanks coach for your words of encouragement day in and day out.


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