Finally a few good days of beautiful weather. A very special thank you to the brothers from the Old First Ward Paul and Jack Hoffstetter for bringing the crew lunch this week. Many thanks gentlemen. For those who have had chance to play your golf course this week I have installed yellow pin placement flags on the flag sticks to give the location of the pin on the green. Apologies for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

Nick and the lads managed get through and weed and edge bunkers this week and they look great. Our focus this week has been to get caught up on the rough and prepare our course for the weekend. Hopefully you noticed around the clubhouse the work that has been done to prepare the landscape beds for plant material. Master Gardener Cheryl Ambrose has been very busy and has been busy on the golf course as well. Cheryl has cleaned up the beds at seven ladies tee and she has plans for more flowers in and around the memorial. Thank you Cheryl it looks beautiful. Next week if the weather agrees our plans are to tackle the drainage on one fairway. The plan is install drainage in the wet are just before the road and run it to the pond. Hopefully we have turned the corner towards warmer weather and thank you for all your suggestions and compliments.

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