With a frost advisory at our doorstep we lucked out this morning with just a heavy dew. As you are well aware the rain this spring has been practically nonstop. Temperatures fluctuating from the seventies to the thirties has actually fired up the snowmold fungus machine which we sprayed for this week. To add insult to injury one of our triplex mowers ruptured a hydraulic hose on 13 and 14. Fortunately this machine uses a linseed hydraulic oil so our soil is not contaminated. Soap and high pressure water were used on these areas shortly after the incident occurred to wash the oil off the leaf blade. We will keep an eye on the fringe back left on 14 for recovery this week. If it appears we will not grow out of this damage we will strip and re-sod this area.

Our aerification of greens this past Monday went well and we managed to finish it all and have all the greens back in play by mid-afternoon. Greens have sprayed and fed with both foliar and granular fertilizers and are healing well despite the weather. We also managed to pressurize the irrigation system this week, not that we’ll need it anytime soon. Speaking of water, recently we have been experiencing trouble with pumps that supply water to the entire property. It was determined that a new submersible pump, pressure tank and plumbing were necessary. All this was installed on Thursday and the system is up and running perfectly. We still need to determine problems we are having with the drinking fountains.

Many of you have asked when the tee signs are going to be installed. Please be patient all materials are on hand and we are just waiting on dryer conditions to get them in. Also after much discussion I have ordered up new pin placement flags for our new flag sticks. These should be in and installed before next weekend. Thank you for your patience as we continue to chip away and make our golf course the best in western New York.

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