For those of you that have managed to get out and play your golf course this week, congratulations!. Rain, rain and more rain. Frustrating as it has been, we still managed to get some things accomplished this week. The plan was to drill holes for the new tee signs this week but the weather dictated differently so we’ll look at it again next week. Nick and his two partners in crime, Dan and Dylan set out at the beginning of the week to bang out the drainage projects on twelve. And they successfully buttoned them up at the tee. First they did some exploratory surgery to the left of the green just before the bunker. They managed to find an old clogged up drain tile, cleared it, added more drainage stone and placed sod over the area. They finished up the week by trenching, installing drain tile and stone and a catch basin on the tee. Strong work lads!. Becuase of the poor soil conditions with this particular tee the drainage will help run off but it wont eliminate all standing water. Our plan is to aerify this tee and top-dress heavy and work that sand into the holes in an effort to amend the root zone, as well as move water down and off the surface.

On Monday May 6th we will make another run at aerifying as I stated in previous posts we will use solid tines as it will virtually impossible to pull cores consistently. Please look to the website for any changes.

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