I hope most of you came out to play your golf course before settling in to watch the Masters. I couldn’t be more proud of the amount of work accomplished this week by our staff. Assistant Superintendent Nick Ciaccio put the lads together to finish off the wall on eight this week and it looks awesome. As stated in a previous update we topsoil along the stone and then over-seed the area. Second Assistant Dylan Coyne was heavily recruited out of the trees of Central New York. A graduate of Paul Smith College in the Adirondacks, Dylan brings his forrest management skills to our team and is a huge asset to our club. He and second year team member Jarod Reese did a fantastic job opening up our view along seven tee and cutting back the Sumac on thirteen tee. Expect similar results behind fourteen and along twelve. Although not up to full staff yet our full staff is in place for this season. This past week we hired Cheryl Ambrose as our head Gardener. Cheryl worked here years ago and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. A big thanks to all our members for your words of encouragement and praise, and thank you for making Springville Country Club the best in Western New York.

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