The month of March has been a busy one here at the club. Nick and I finished tune-ups, oil changes, and sharpening reels as well as a few projects in the clubhouse. As I mentioned in my last Course Update the wall on 8 will require our finishing touches and the load of stone to do so was delivered early this week. With a number of the lads back this week we managed to hit the ground running and put a huge dent in course clean-up. For those of you who have taken advantage of the weather these past two weeks you’ve seen the progress we’ve made on removing dead trees on our golf course. Once this work is completed next week all that remains is soil and seed and some starter fertilizer. These areas will be playable by mid to late June. I’m very pleased with how our turf made it through the winter. With soil temps still hovering around the freezing mark and frost still in the ground I ask that you please stay of greens until further notice. I assure you these rains we get over the next few days will help. Our greens grade turf nursery at the back of the range has filled in beautifully. I ask that you please stay off this, and not to hit balls off of it. It is at the very back of the driving range where the old nursery existed and we will put signs up to keep golfers and vehicles off. Please look to our website for updates. With warm weather pounding on the door I will keep you posted on our progress and when we can fire away into our greens. Thank you for your patience and thank you for making Springville Country Club the best in western New York.

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