The Week in Review.

Our core crew managed to get a lot done last week despite the fact we lost a day due to 2.5″ of rain on Monday. Assistant Superintendent Nick Ciccio and Dan Jensen went through the course and weed wacked and edged all bunkers. Pepe LePew the skunk has been working nights on 10, and 11 fairway and some areas in the rough. He’s been after fall European Chaffer and Cutworms. The Chaffer is a “C” shape grub and feeds near the surface on roots. All fairways were treated last month with insecticide but ten and eleven i had to spray again. After the insecticide is applied it must be watered in to get the product down to the root zone. Eliminating the food source has worked this summer to move the skunk off fairways.

When we are under soft conditions the ball will tend to leave a larger pitch mark in the green. And sometimes it may knock out a small chunk of the green. I have noticed that players are placing this chuck back in the pitch mark and tamping it. This will not grow back. When a chunk of turf does come out toss it and repair the pitch mark as you would normally. And remember fix your ball mark and one other and please only use the divot mix on tees, fairways and approaches only when your divot can’t be replaced.

And last but not least a very long over due thank you to Jeff Duerr. Back in July Jeff donated the loading dock gates I installed. Thank you again Jeff.

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