Eleven days ago we aerified greens and today they 98% filled in. After using less aggressive means of aerifying I opted to go aggressive with tighter spacing, pulling cores then going behind the aerifier with a triplex dimple seeder. We went through two and a half loads of topdressing sand then a blend of fertilizer we have manufactured for us. I eliminated growth regulator in our last two greens applictions to allow our greens to recover quickly. Today was first application of growth regulator in two weeks along with fungicide and liquid nitrogen. Next week we will start aerifying fairways and try to finish them over the next two weeks. We have prepared an area at the back of the driving range for a greens grade sod nursery and we will plant that next week.

I ran into the Hofstetter brothers, Jack, Joe and Paul. Joe welcome to Springville Country Club. The lads are off two Ireland for some golf and asked if I might go and caddy for them but the chances of us making it out of Dublin would be very slim. Cheers lads and safe travels.

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