I you you all are enjoying the more seasonal temperatures. Shorter days cooler nights are perfect growing conditions. As I mentioned in the club newsletter we borrowed a dimple seeder to overseed only the greens we had trouble with and have been successfull in getting seed to germinate. These seeder heads work great, and we will have the machine back to overseed all greens during aerification the 27th and 28th of this month. Leading up to greens aerification we will get started on aerifying tees. This will not effect play and we plan on overseeding topdressing tees as well. The unsightly yellow lines you’ve seen on the first half of the fairway on one is due to a hydraulic leak from the fairway mower. Once we aerify fairways we will seed these strips. Generally in cases like this the bent grass tends to creep back in to fill this type of damage.

You may have noticed the gates we installed before you turn into the maintenance area. We installed these not only to secure the house and the maintenance facility but to keep vehicles from driving down to the lower half of the golf course, which has happened many times in the past. Again please feel free to contact me with your suggestions and concerns and please remember to fix your ball mark and one other, and divot mix goes on tees, fairways and approaches only. Thanks and I you’re enjoying this beautiful golf course.

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