It has been a busy week for the maintenance crew. With the rain comes bunker washouts and squeegee ing greens. This weather, with the heat and high moisture and humidity, can bring on turfgrass diseases as well. You may have noticed our chemical sprayer out quite a bit this week applying fungicide to ensure our turf is ready for these extreme weather conditions. 16 green we’ve been battling some anthracnose and now that we have that under control we will spike, overseed and top dress this green next week. The rain slowed us down a little but we managed to get started on trimming of the shrubs around the clubhouse. Thank you all for your compliments on our beautiful golf course and a special thanks to Jack and Paul Hoffsetter for bringing the crew lunch and a special thanks to Linda Priselac for the pizza and wings and to Joanne Broad for the very delicious danishes. We truly do have the best members in western New York.

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