I hope all our dad’s enjoyed a great fathers day weekend and had the opportunity to play the golf course. For those of you who did you noticed some heat stress on a few of our greens. Since the beginning of the season much effort and expense has been paid to getting our irrigation system to operate properly. Most of the repairs have been replacement of old electrical communication decoders and electric solenoids. The remainder of repairs has been debris in the valves. The result of these issues is heads sticking or not coming on at all. The greens which are effected the most are our sand built greens. All these areas will recover fully.

Along with this heat and humidity comes the increased chance of turf diseases. Even though fungicides were applied last week some times mother nature trumps all. Starting last Friday a patch disease known as witea shown the attached pictures. Left untreated the disease is more unsitely than detrimental as the yellow rings will coelles. Greens were treated ahead of the tournament today.

While the golf course was full today we started mulching all the beds around the clubhouse. This will be completed by the end of the week. Please feel free to contact me with any of your suggestions and concerns. Many of you have stopped me on the course and in the clubhouse to express your pleasure in the changes in our golf course and i have all this along to our crew.

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