In my last Course Update 10 days ago we were talking about the US Open rough we’ve managed to establish here at Springville CC. And 10 days later we’re still talking about it. This week for the first time we managed to get all the rough cut and start over. As you may have noticed with your own lawn this spring you could cut twice to three times to keep it under control. Unfortunately we lost a day of mowing this week due to the rain early in the week and our plan is to have it under control by end of next week. We currently have our staff in place with the exception of a gardener but fear not your Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent are well practiced in the are of art of turf and ornamentals, annuals and perennials. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to see the flowers going in this week I have attached a photo of Nick and the lads planting along the walkway and in front of the clubhouse. You can look forward to the return of the pots and hanging baskets at the the clubhouse and pro-shop as well as the addition of hanging baskets at all rain shelters and rest rooms.

After much discussion with Dave Thomas and feed back from our members in regards to our bunker rake placement we will abide by the the USGA Recommendations of outside the bunker. So please once you have raked out please place your rake parallel to the edge and outside of the bunker. I apologize for not having a divot bottle stand at the turn as promised. It is currently on back order so please feel free as you make the turn to grab a fresh bottle at the cart barn. Remember it is preferred to replace your divot at all times but should you strike the ball thin use the divot mix to fill the void. Divot mix should only be used on tees, fairways and approaches. Please have a safe holiday and see you on the golf course.

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