Course Update

It is amazing how a few thunder storms and warmer temperatures can jump start mother nature. I spoke with Pete Jantzi and Jack Roetzer yesterday on hole eleven. They very kindly voiced their concerns about the height of the rough. I assured them by tomorrow we will have it under control. Our goal this week is to have the golf course shinning by the weekend. The inch of rain we recieved slowed us down a little, but all three rough mowers were up and running. Yesterday we managed to weedwhip around and edge all bunkers, and today we started to weedwhip all areas in play ( trees, tee signs, ball washers, etc). I have purposely held off on growth regulator on Fairways and Tees. This has given the turf a chance to recover from the winter snow mold dessiccation and with the turf feeding on what remains of a late fall 2017 fertilization it has worked. Fairways and Tees will be sprayed with regulator this week, and as we deplete the nitrogen applied last fall we will fertilize again before the end of the month.

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