Mens Nite at SCC is a scheduled 10 week Thursday afternoon and evening men’s league, open to all members.  Mens Nite has two leagues:  an “Early 18” Division – 18-hole league with matches to be played between 1:00pm and 3:15pm so that the last matches clear the 9th hole of play by 5:15pm  ; and a “Late 9” Division – 9-hole shotgun start league with 5:30pm tee time.  Following the golf matches, all league members enjoy a dinner buffet and comradery together in the Grille Room.  A flyer is attached on further information and contact to reserve …..this is also located on the club website

“Early 18” is an unlimited team league, with projection at 20 2-man teams.   “Late 9” is limited to 20 2-man teams due to shotgun start for 9-holes.  There are still openings for teams in each league.  If you have a team, please contact me as soon as possible.  If you are looking for a teammate, we have several returning league members who do need a partner in each league – we will pair you….please contact me as soon as possible.   We also have a substitute list for “on call” subs….as a sub for a league member, you play and have dinner for FREE!!  Just give me your contact information and you will be placed on the sub list.  If you are shut out of the “Late 9”, you will be advised immediately and you do retain the option of joining “Early 18” if you are able.

PLEASE EMAIL ME AS SOON AS YOU CAN TO AVOID MISSING YOUR SPOT ….. I will contact you as soon as possible to confirm a spot – I need name, email address and cell # of each member

Jim Chavanne
Mens Nite Committee Chair

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