“The most friendly club in the world”

At our website work session today, Head Pro, Dave Thomas, said that “yes, we have a wonderful golf course, but that in his experience …

Springville Country Club is the most friendly club in the world!

He is exactly right.  Think about it and give us your examples of why you believe that is true.  How do we show club members, staff, guests and prospective members that we are “the friendliest club in the world.  Your input under REPLY below can help us incorporate this theme (or slogan) throughout our new website.

3 thoughts on ““The most friendly club in the world”

  1. Touch on “Family Friendly” theme to capture prospective members searching for such an environment. Include availability of active women’s association, couples league, family membership, youth group, etc.


  2. I agree that the “friendly Club” theme is one that we should promote but feel we should always have quotation marks around the statement “The friendliest club in the world” as this claim may seem a bit pretentious to some. If it is always evident that this is the opinion of our pro, it is just fine.

    I will review the entire site and look for opportunities to highlight the family friendly theme. I also feel that we should stress the “golfer friendly” (no tee times, very limited outside events on Mondays only) theme.



    • Bob, Great point. We don’t want to appear pretentious, but we do want to appear and actually be friendly. To that point, Jeanne and Danielle suggested at this morning’s walk-thru, that we change the tagline to ‘WNY’s friendliest club’.


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